The Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Bascilica…all in a day.

If I even tried to tell you the range of emotions that I experienced while at Vatican City I could not. I am of the Christian faith and did not know quite how to digest all that I saw and experienced the day that we toured the Catholic city. Beautiful and Amazing works of art engulfed me…but so did the crowds. Symbols of faith were everywhere, mostly honoring the Saints. It was truly more than I could take in. Though I will say that by the setting of the sun, and once we were outdoors, I loved the light as I captured the exterior of St. Peters and the unique Swiss guard.

2014-05-31_0012 2014-05-31_0013 2014-05-31_0014 2014-05-31_0015 2014-05-31_0016 2014-05-31_0017 2014-05-31_0018 2014-05-31_0019 2014-05-31_0020 2014-05-31_0021 2014-05-31_0022 2014-05-31_0023 2014-05-31_0024 2014-05-31_0025 2014-05-31_0026 2014-05-31_0027

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