Soda Springs Retreat with my Tapestry Sisters

This past weekend I was super blessed to be able to spend some time with Stephanie Sherwood and her Tapestry Fellowship Team. I love being a part of this team! We took off for the weekend to Soda Springs to soak in Gods best for us as we enjoyed each others friendship. Since I am recuperating from a broken arm my challenge was to sleep…or not. Actually I stayed only one of the two nights…good for the others that were trying to sleep! The retreat topic was about Seasons of Change. The study was so well done and the sharing so sweet. I am super blessed to know these women and call them dear friends. 2014-06-10_0004 2014-06-10_0005
2014-06-10_0003 2014-06-10_0008 2014-06-10_0006 2014-06-10_0007 2014-06-10_0009 2014-06-10_0010 2014-06-10_0011 2014-06-10_0012 2014-06-10_0013

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