Burning Calories while in Rome

The day after we arrived in Rome we met up with Johnny and his previous weeks Olive Garden “family” as they were taking their last tour together.  They generously included us in the tour with them, and again later in the evening for their last dinner together as a group. Paulo, the head chef of Olive Garden, spent all week with Johnny’s group and it was a true pleasure for me to be able to meet him that afternoon. Our time together started by Johnny greeting us outside of the Colosseum just before the tour began. Then, as soon as the tour was over we were on our own until dinner later that evening. During our stay in Rome, we did loads of walking as well as metro riding (always being mindful of the ever-present threat of pick-pocketers).  If the truth be known…it did not matter how many calories we ate while there…we burned them off getting to and from everywhere! (Lucky for us from the looks of the tiramisu, which was served after pizza with the O.G. gang)

On a side note…so much of what we saw around many corners were small outdoor dining establishments and petite gardens…charming. I included a picture or two. 🙂

(One of our travel companions, Don Blodger, took the picture of Johnny and I meeting up…thanks Don!)





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