Experiencing Rome…as I pulled my “head out of the sand”.

It has been weeks since our return home from our travels to Europe. Actually, almost two months. The trip left me with more than memories. It left me with a greater understanding of how differently people view life and experience it. You see, forever our dear friends Don and Victoria had dreamed of coming to this rich historical place together. To see and experience every piece of it they could. Yet, the concept to see and experience Italy did not even occur to me more than a few months before we went. Actually, for years, my sister and her family had lived in Italy. (I never visited her when she was there…never did I really even consider it). So I have to admit, my knowledge of Italy consisted of a great deal of ignorance going into it. Never had I dreamed, studied or learned about the country or really even its history. There…I said it. I was very unprepared for what I was about to experience.

Maybe I am one who would just prefer burying my head in the sand and not know of the kinds of horrors that mankind can do to one another. But once in Rome, I could no longer hide. The pagan temples, the Roman Colosseum (where so many cruel deaths occurred for others “entertainment”) and the Roman Forum (Where the pagan ritual of the Vestal Virgins was intensely hard for me…knowing these young women were buried alive if they lost their virginity while in service at the temple) all spoke of pagan rituals and cruelty to humankind. The pain of my new understanding, at times, was almost unbearable for me to deal with.

In spite of this rude awakening, I admired the amazing architecture and I enjoyed the times spent visiting around meal times with my travel companions. Johnny had finally joined Don, Victoria and I, (after already being in Italy the week prior with his work) and I was so glad to be with him after our time apart.

Below are some shots of our time at the Pantheon, the Roman Coliseum and the Roman Forum.

2014-05-19_0001 2014-05-19_0002
2014-05-19_0018 2014-05-19_0005

2014-05-19_0008 2014-05-19_0009 2014-05-19_0010 2014-05-19_0011 2014-05-19_0012 2014-05-19_0013 2014-05-19_0014 2014-05-19_0015


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