Easter…my favorite holiday of all holidays!

Many people I know can not get enough of Christmas, Thanksgiving or even birthday celebrations. But for me, Easter is my favorite holiday of all! Maybe because I love the new spring flowers and green buds that are popping and sprouting out all over. Maybe because the expectations are few and it is so much about food, candy and family. 😉 Though, I would have to say that the Faith part is the MOST important and meaningful part of Easter for me. Easter is all about Jesus’ death and coming back to life. His death on the cross is the greatest gift EVER in history given. His rising back to life the greatest miracle EVER known. The gift of Jesus…forgiveness available for my sins…WOW. When I look deep into myself, I see so much that is still such a work in progress, still so un-Christ like. I know that I have motives and actions that need a savior. How grateful I am to have one. His name is Jesus.

Yesterday, to celebrate Easter, we went to church and then to Grass Valley for lunch. We were wonderfully blessed with a perfect spring day along with friends and family.

2014-04-22_0006 2014-04-22_0001 2014-04-22_0002 2014-04-22_0003 2014-04-22_0004

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