“Romeo and Juliet”…European Vacation (1 of many to come)

I will say that rather than this being “a trip of a lifetime” for me,  this trip was one of me “dying to self”.  At times during our trip this process was more difficult than others. Now you may say “What? Did I read this right” Yes. For me, this trip was an act of letting go of my personal comforts, securities and desires and accepting this as a trip that Johnny was gifted with, and in essence, I too. In life, sometimes we are given “gifts” that are our dreams coming true and other times our gifts are the furthest from a dream. Having said this, don’t think that there were not some wonderful experiences that I had while in Europe, there were. Read on, below is one of them…

Our adventure begins. Johnny already had been in Italy for a week on a working vacation that he was given through his job. Our friends Don and Victoria were escorting me over and we were to spend the first day there as a threesome before we met up with Johnny. We arrived in Rome greeted by our driver who would pick us up and drop us at our flat where we would stay, overlooking the Trevi Fountain. (You can see our room in one of the pictures below. It is the fifth floor with a balcony, on the top right of the yellow building). We arrived early enough to be able to pick up some groceries from the local market and to have climbed our 5 flights of stairs to our flat a couple of times before settling in for the evening. Mind you, with our room overlooking the famous Trevi Fountain, the stairs were worth it. Shortly after returning from the market where Don, Victoria and I tried to understand the butcher and read food labels, we sat down for a delicious anti-pasta meal. Right about that time, I said to Don “maybe we should text Johnny, to touch base before we meet up with him tomorrow”. You see, my phone was not yet connecting properly oversees, so I had Don text Johnny for me. Now get this…the moment that he texted him, Johnny responded “we are at the Trevi, look out your window”. Yes, Johnny was with his group of 15 at the fountain at the very minute as I suggested that we text to see his whereabouts. We flew to the balcony and looked down…and there I saw my amazing smiling husband. We yelled that I would be right down. I literally ran down 5 flights of stairs into the arms of my husband that I had not seen for a very long week…being given the best hug that I had felt in forever. I will NEVER forget the feeling of that embrace. We did not want to let go. But, sadly, his group was on its way out toward the Spanish Steps and he had to go. We lovingly refer to this incident as our “Romeo and Juliet” moment. It was by far the very best part of our trip. Don captured our embrace with his camera looking straight down from 5 stories above us. I am so very grateful for his picture of a memory that I hope never to forget.


2014-04-11_0003 2014-04-11_0004 2014-04-11_0005 2014-04-11_00062014-04-11_0008 2014-04-11_0009




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