How did I ever get myself on a plane to Italy?

The journey to Italy and Paris was not one without great contemplation. Many facets made our decision so difficult as to whether or not to go together. You see, my husband Johnny had been awarded a trip to Tuscany Italy for a week with his company. They (along with just about everyone else) were encouraging me to join him after his trip, to tour Italy with him. But that would require paying for my flight and the expenses of the vacation. His job was paying his way there and back, and for his week with them. But that still left many expenses to extend his stay with me joining him.  Not only was the expense more than we could afford, but the planning of the trip was way out of either of our comfort zones. And then there was the part of me flying there on my own. After much prayer and discussion Johnny and I concluded that because of the cost of the trip (yes, the trip of a lifetime) it would not be the responsible thing for us to do. But then, all kinds of provisions came our way!  Friends at church, when they heard of us not “going for it” offered to provide my flight with their frequent flyer miles. As well, they offered to accompany me there and plan the entire trip if we would like to make the Rome/Paris trip as a foursome. Don and Victoria were already dear friends…but what does one say when offered this of gift of friendship? Humbly, we would say yes.  Next, the evenings of sitting around their family room fireplace began. Don and Victoria would research places to stay and cities to see, and then they would get our stamp of approval. We would have dinners or popcorn together. We would pray together. We would sometimes even cry together. Not only did they map out the whole trip, but they found some amazing deals to make the cost of the lodging, food and sights significantly more affordable. Which brings me to the way that was covered. Between selling my old car (that suddenly just died) and selling a diamond from the past, the rest of the trip was paid for.  There was even enough left over for our first few car payments. So, this is the start of our trip…the start of memories being made and Gods provision for a trip that I never would have dreamed would happen. 2014-03-15_0011

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