Month: April 2014

The executive women at CAbi who serve by example.

CAbi’s president Kimberly Inskeep and CEO Lynne Cote…both so real and warm. They shared from their hearts last night with us Sacramento CAbi girls over a delicious Italian dinner. They listened and encouraged. CAbi gifted us with a lovely glass of wine a delicious…

Easter…my favorite holiday of all holidays!

Many people I know can not get enough of Christmas, Thanksgiving or even birthday celebrations. But for me, Easter is my favorite holiday of all! Maybe because I love the new spring flowers and green buds that are popping and sprouting out all over….

“Romeo and Juliet”…European Vacation (1 of many to come)

I will say that rather than this being “a trip of a lifetime” for me,  this trip was one of me “dying to self”.  At times during our trip this process was more difficult than others. Now you may say “What? Did I read this right” Yes….