Enjoying my CAbi sisters!

This week has been so full! I have enjoyed many groups of awesome people…both business and family! I kinda have to say that CAbi fits into BOTH of those categories. The remarkable ladies that I have on my team and the ladies that I am extremely grateful to have host parties become a little like family to me. Maybe it is because I am building a relationship with each one of them. 🙂 I learn about their homes, husbands and children…about their likes and dislikes…about their lives through the photos and artifacts that they have around their homes. I LOVE my time with these women. And to put the cherry on top, one of my team members is actually my real sister! Now isn’t that a wonderful way to grow and love as sisters?

Here are some pictures of our recent CAbi Corner event that we had here in Loomis. Between the sisterhood I felt and the Heart of CAbi Foundation that we celebrated…it is hard to say which is the winner. Make sure to read about the Heart of CAbi in the pictures below!

2014-03-13_0001 2014-03-13_0002 2014-03-13_0003 2014-03-13_0004 2014-03-13_0006 2014-03-13_0007  2014-03-13_0009 2014-03-13_0011 2014-03-13_00102014-03-13_0008

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