Planning and Praying

Girlfriends. That’s what they are. These wonderful women who comprise our church’s women’s ministry team are some special friends of mine. Last year we lost a few of our key leaders.  We have had a bit of a time waiting on God, for Him to provide the right leadership for our women’s ministry team at church. We had not yet…until now 🙂 felt Gods leading of how the leadership team was to look. About two weeks back it seemed that the Spirit gave us a new direction with each of us a specific calling. After which, a basic miracle happened! ALL eight of us were available to take off for a retreat…within less than ten days. The time was sweet and so much was accomplished in the planning for the months ahead. But even more sweet was the time of fellowship and prayer. Certainly, we all came away with more than we went with. I am blessed to have these amazing women in my life.

2014-03-09_0001 2014-03-09_0002 2014-03-09_0005 2014-03-09_0006 2014-03-14_0002

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