Mike, the beach and my bible.

Sometimes going to the ocean is the only thing that will satisfy…I often crave seeing and fully experiencing that vast and amazing creation of God. Living in the suburbs of Sacramento, it can get “close”. There are times that going to feel the cool air, warm sun and walk in the sand barefoot is such therapy for my soul. Yesterday was  Sunday. On almost every Sunday if I am able, I attend our wonderful church. But yesterday…well the coast was calling.  I have to admit that Johnny and I had a rough start getting out the door, but when we did, we left with bible in hand and an assortment of jackets. Stinson Beach was our destination. When we go to Marin County we avoid the city traffic…something I always vote for. We love to stop in at the Good Earth and grab some great food (and conversation starters) before we head out. With wheat free pastries and coffee/tea in hand, we headed to the ocean. The drive was beautiful and the beach did not disappoint. We must have walked a mile along the shore…watching the sun set and talking.

The drive home had a story all its own. Let me first start by saying that Vacaville has brought me many different life changing adventures. Yes, I said Vacaville. Yesterday was no exception. We had just stopped to fill the car with gas and were driving out of town east on I80. The car started to make odd noises and we pulled over just in time for the engine to quit. Off in the dark on a busy highway was not the end to the day that I was expecting. Of course we called AAA and within the hour came Mike, a big truck driver. What a pleasant person to visit with on the drive to the Toyota dealership near our home. The conversation started to meander to topics that I just could not avoid delving deeper into. A conversation about our souls and what happens to them after we die…about faith and God. After asking Mike if he had ever read the bible and him saying “no” I knew why I had brought my bible. As Mike dropped us off at our home we sat in the car and held hands and prayed. Prayed something like this…”Lord, help Mike to find you in this, your word. Thank you that you are a God of love and that you love Mike. Thank you that we can have a relationship with you. We know that we are all guilty of sin and unworthy of your love. But thank you that you came, died on the cross and made a way for us to know you and live with you forever. Amen”. I left Mike with my worn bible with the book of John “earmarked” with red ribbon, and a verse written on a sheet of paper for him, hopefully to find and look up…1 John 1:9. Mike promised me that he would read my bible…I believe that he will.

I am praying for Mike today…I probably will for many years to come. What a divine encounter and a blessed day.

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  1. Patti, I know the feeling of missing the ocean. We were so very fortunate to grow up where we did, to be able to go to the beach within 30 minutes and enjoy creation. I miss it so much. This was such a time for God to shine!

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