CAbi Scoop 2014!

A few seasons back I began my adventure with CAbi. CAbi stands for Carol Anderson by invitation. Carol and her team are amazing clothing designers! I am privileged to be able to bring these beautiful clothes into my friends homes, for them enjoy shopping with their girlfriends. Twice a year CAbi designs a full new line of fashions (90-100 pieces). At “The Scoop”,  all 3200 of us CAbi consultants experience the exciting unveiling and are thoroughly taught about the new line. This season the Scoop was held in Dallas Texas. As always, there was loads of fashion, fun, food and friendship!2014-02-04_0016

2014-02-04_0008  2014-02-04_0003  2014-02-04_0004 2014-02-04_0010 2014-02-04_0012 2014-02-04_0002 2014-02-04_0005 2014-02-04_0006 2014-02-04_0013 2014-02-04_0011 2014-02-04_0014

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