Dismantling Christmas…

Dismantling Christmas…This was something in the past that I use to be ready to do on Christmas DAY.  Maybe because so many years we spent away from family when living in Colorado with my late husband Jeff. It was always tough, being away from family (it was often too expensive to fly home) and we were never sure where we “fit” at the holidays. As well, Jeff was a pastor. Christmas as a Pastor…hum, lots of responsibilities and expectations.  Then, when Jeff suddenly died, I moved back home close to my parents to raise my two precious children. As many feel, when the family is “broken” it is hard to embrace the holidays. Then put in a hurtful and dysfunctional rebound marriage…well you get the picture.  Alas, a few years back, I met Johnny and we married. For whatever reason, Christmas felt more complete. We would serve prime rib on Christmas after having aebleskiver pancakes for breakfast. We would work together both before and during Christmas. Shopping, wrapping, decorating and cooking as a team. Just felt better that way. As a mother, I wanted to give a special Christmas to my children. But more times than not I would not have accomplished this…at least I did not feel so. Life is messy…but, this Christmas, as in the past few, I  have been more at peace. And, isn’t that what Christmas is really meant to bring? Peace on earth and goodwill toward men…



  1. I am happy you have found a peaceful place in Christmas Patti. It is such an easy time to get lost in and your history with the holiday seems to have made it even harder. I know as a mom, I wanted my kids to have such beautiful memories of Christmas -complete with so many traditions. I felt like I was super-mom when they were young. I got it all done, but there was little time for me to embrace the joy of the season. As the years went on, our schedules got busier with school activities, sports and friends I simplified Christmas. The boys never asked about “remember when we used to ______”, not once. But they do remember that we spend time together as a family and watch certain movies and eat certain meals. The things I thought “made” a happy Christmas were not important. The being together is what matters and allows me that peace. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me of mine ❤

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