Oh, the joy of food and fellowship around the table with friends!

My dear husband Johnny works long hard hours…which are anything but ideal to plan around. So about three months ago he requested two specific days off to accommodate three couple friends that we wanted to have over for a holiday dinner.  The date was set and we were blessed that all of the couples were able to keep the date and to come and enjoy a delicious dinner with us the week before Christmas. On the menu was baked salmon and chocolate moose made from scratch. Johnny is the wonderful chef in the home (yeah!) and I am the detail person. And to my surprise and joy, our home was able to comfortably hold eight of us around the table…something that I was more than at tidbit concerned would work. When we downsized a little more than a year ago, there were trade offs…more affordable, yet smaller and not ideal for having friends and family over. But it was fine. Hooray!  The evening was lovely and the memories…oh so sweet.


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